Resolve employee questions with ease

Give employees the power to reach out to your HR department directly. Payroll Adda People will help you sort and organize questions, track their status, and reply promptly from a central location that comes equipped with an easily accessible knowledge base.

Streamline employee case management

Employee questions come in all shapes and sizes. You need an efficient tool that allows you to seamlessly manage questions and enables employees to reach out to the right expert. By providing more timely and accurate responses, you can greatly improve employee experience.

Categories to sort questions

The HR document vault

Category experts to resolve issues

SLAs to track issues

Create categories and sub-categories based on your requirements. Is it relevant for a particular geographical region? Then just tag that location. This way, employees will be able to ask questions under the right category.

Build a direct line of communication

Avoid the chaos of back-and-forth emails, phone calls, or missed questions. Enable employees to seamlessly contact HR from wherever they are.

Tasks for additional help

Complex requests call for a helping hand. Agents can check requests and assign tasks in case there are additional requirements.

Ask and resolve questions on the go

Employees can ask their questions from the web or their mobile device. Agents can address issues on the go, update on case progress, and communicate through comments, making interaction easy and accountable.

Ask for feedback

The best way to improve is by asking for comments. Ask your employees for feedback about the experience they had, paving the way for better service delivery.

Stay on top of your cases

Get insights into escalations, closed and pending requests, and the quality of resolutions. Identify commonly asked questions and take actions to improve your processes or documentation. Measure and analyze cases to provide a top-notch experience.


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