Effortlessly manage your global employee data

Manage your global workforce with a flexible, cloud-based employee database management system. Build a secure, comprehensive, and scalable database to get a better understanding of your workforce.

Customize and build your organization

Software should function precisely in a way that fits your unique requirements. Our employee management software enables you to create and maintain a database according to your specific preferences.

Secure employee database management

Seamless and secure is the motto we live by. We ensure that the privacy of business and employee data gets the foremost attention. Here’s how we handle security:

Secure password management using Payroll Adda

Creating and sharing passwords for each of your employees can be taxing and prone to security threats. Effortlessly generate complex passwords and share them securely through Payroll Adda. You can also have a custom password policy and enable employees to change their passwords whenever required.

Shielded access to employee info

Compliance with data security and privacy protocols is crucial for your business reputation. With Payroll People, you can get field-level access controls, encryption, and other robust security measures. Give access to employee information based on job roles and responsibilities.

A connected ecosystem

Data needs to communicate fluently for an error-free experience. This calls for an integrated approach that enables better flow and visibility for your business information. Here’s what Payroll Adda People does:

Ensure powerful data synchronization and integrity

Payroll Adda People enables seamless data sync both within and between multiple integrated systems. All changes are accurately and automatically captured, ensuring you work with the latest information.

Employee self-service

There are a variety of details to collect from employees based on organizational or local regulations. Customize forms with fields and permissions, and empower employees to add or edit their info, reducing errors, redundancy, and administrative burden.

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