HR analytics for informed decision-making

Eliminate guesswork and get data-driven insights fast with our workforce intelligence tool. Payroll Adda People’s HR analytics automatically calculates the metrics you need and offers smart reports that break down performance, workforce trends, and more. This way, you can develop better HR initiatives with just a glance.

Stay on top of workforce trends

Identify issues quickly and craft proactive solutions

Generate a detailed analysis of all your HR functions with just one app

Provide better visibility at all levels—C-Suite, HR staff, Managers, and Teams

HR reporting made easy

Payroll Adda People provides a simple yet effective way to optimize your workforce strategies with comprehensive analytics for each HR process. Whether it’s attendance trends, project progress, or employee performance, we’ve got you covered.

Give employees the data they need

Payroll Adda People ensures your people have the right informationabout the work they do. With reports like time logs, project status, scheduled vs worked hours, time off, goals, and appraisal ratings, they’ll be better equipped to succeed in their roles and improveover time.

Empower managers with team reports

Managers should be able to make informed decisions their team’s performance, howeach project is progressing, and the resources they need. Payroll Adda People ensures theyhave this data at their finger tips. Help your managers plan better and develop stronger leadership strategies with reports like resource availability, continuous review score, project status, and more


Update executives on business trends

With better data, your senior executives can push your organization to even greater heights. Hiring vs attrition trends, employee diversity reports, employee headcount, and comprehensive reports that Payroll Adda People offers to payroll details are just some of the keep your top executives informed.

Advanced HR analytics for every aspect of your business

When you use different apps for your business, it’s important that they communicate. This gives you a more comprehensive breakdown about your organization’s processes and how they work together. Payroll Adda People integrates with Payroll Adda Analytics, so you can make in-depth assessments about your workforce at both the macro and micro levels.

Build your reports with Analytics

Don’t see what you need on this list? No worries. We know that every business is different. If we don’t have a specific report pre-made and ready to use, you can create your own custom reports with a simple drag-and-drop interface, right from within Payroll Adda People.

Drill down in to your reports

Dive deep into your workforce metrics. See which of your work locations has the most attrition rates, which department is performing well and much more. Get in-depth analysis and set the path for proactive decision-making.


Here are just a few of the ready-to-use reports that our customers love:

Hiring vs Attrition

Analyze your organization’s hiring rate against its attrition rate to learn more about yourchurn and retention. Generate reports on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis so you can make plans at the right intervals, and with the right data to back them up.

Employee Turnover

Get a quick view of each department’s early turnover rate, so you can shift gears with new strategies or tailor your existing ones.


Growth Rates

Not sure if your workforce is thriving in today’s economy? With our effective growth report, analyze your business growth rate and make sure you’re walking on a sustainable path.

Time Logs

Payroll Adda People’s time log reports give you a simple outline of the estimated time for a project, the hours logged for it, and the amount of deviated time.

Administrative Reports

Designation, experience, status, department, location, and role-based employee reports are built to make your administrative duties easier. Spend less time worrying about these small details and more time on perfecting your broader people management techniques.

Task Charts

Review the number of tasks assigned, completed, or overdue. See the status each task is at, and even the top five employees with the most tasks open or completed.

Analyze every level of your business. Empower every team to make better decisions.

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