The HRMS to connect people and simplify work

HR tools that offer creative solutions for a demanding industry


Simplify HR processes so your employees can focus on their creative energy


Identify ways to leverage your talent pool in a competitive industry


Connect employees across departments and teams with HR, management, and one another

Understand and maximize employee potential

Identify your employees’ specific skills and KRAs (creative, technical, business) and their performance to effectively help the organization assign responsibilities. Set up Goals and Jobs that can be tailored to your people’s talents, all from the Payroll Adda People dashboard.

Customize your HR system with the services you need

With Payroll Adda People, creating forms for an array of HR services – from requesting assets, to setting up projects and organizing training sessions – lets HR personnel respond quickly to the needs of professionals in the dynamic media industry.

Simplify HR processes to free up your schedule

With customizable workflows and automated tasks, Payroll Adda People can conserve precious time. A range of additional services, such as expense management, document signing, and invoice generation, are available in Payroll Adda People through Payroll Adda and 3rd-party vendors.

Communicate and collaborate

With Payroll Adda People’s integrated chats and feeds, as well as cross-team Groups and mobile app, employees can connect with each other in real time to work on collaborative projects.

Creative people need creative schedules

Shift scheduling in Payroll Adda People lets HR professionals easily schedule a week/month and notify. Timesheets and time logs help with accurate tracking and reimbursement of the time employees put into their work, ensuring that deadlines are met.

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